We guarantee that publishers will be able to receive higher payouts from the advertisers as they offer complex CPA. We are content & social marketing pros. We craftily decipher the best platforms to distribute your branded content at the most opportune times to the most relevant audiences. We have access to top software tools, stay cutting-edge on the latest trends, and employ best-in-class standards to manage your brand's digital footprint We offer transactions via both traditional and programmatic methods, and our end-to-end technology stack means we deliver campaigns seamlessly across screens and manage optimizations in real-time. It also allows us to offer publishers special opportunities for access to high value formats. Our distinctive and inventive services include:-

  • Programmatic Mobile Advertising Our Programmatic mobile advertising services helps automate the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences and demographics. Programmatic ads are placed using real-time bidding for online display, social media advertising, mobile and video campaigns, and is expanding to traditional advertising marketplaces.
  • Hyper - Local Mobile Advertising Hyper Local Mobile Advertising simply means a way for you to pinpoint your target audience, which is within a specific radius around your business or an area, community or neighborhood, or a particular zip code. Today, local businesses need to invest in hyper local marketing due to the massive increase in local and nearby searches, especially from mobile devices and we at Digital Ads Media, provide you with our exclusive services.
  • Mobile CPI Campaigns We at Digital Ads Media, offer Mobile CPI Campaigns to our clients. CPI is the most suitable campaign for app makers, marketers and advertisers. It is cost efficient as well because one has to pay only when the user download the app. The more users download the app, the more you have to pay, vice versa. In both situations, benefits are all yours.
  • Native advertising Our agency is built on the integration of strategic planning and journalistic excellence and this experience means native advertising comes naturally to us. Our background means we’re perfectly placed and skilled to deliver branded content that stands out in consumer media and yet feels totally at home in its native environment. Native advertising is more and more widely adopted across emerging content platforms, and by major media owners.
  • LinkedIn Advertising We provide LinkedIn advertising help that allows you to get your presence established. This provides everything that a marketing department or social media guru needs to get things moving. We can establish the framework of your advertising to fit the needs of your business, whether you are using a large marketing department or just a few people.
  • Social Media Advertising We are experts in providing targeted ‘social ammunition’ that gets loved and shared by our clients' customers. We create conversations between brand and customer through timely, relevant and entertaining brand content. As always-on social engagement is increasingly adopted by our clients, our content is fuelling more and more in the social media like facebook, instagram youtube, etc.
  • Google Search & Display Advertising The Google Search & Display campaign helps you reach people as they use Google search or visit sites across the web. Our Google Search & Display Network allows to you connect with customers with a variety of ad formats across the digital universe.